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  • Open Letter on Java EE Naming

    The Java EE Guardians have penned a letter to Oracle expressing the importance of maintaining the Java EE brand and the javax package naming. The letter reflects [...]
  • 100 days of Java EE 8

    #100DaysOfJavaEE8: Weekly Round Up

    Java EE 8 Coding Challenge This week has been a successful week for the #100DaysOfJavaEE8 coding challenge. Let’s review the challenges for this week. Servlet 4.0 [...]
  • 100 Days Of Java EE 8: Solution

    Servlet 4.0: 100DaysOfJavaEE8

    Servlet 4.0 API Challenge Servlets 4.0 introduces support for HTTP/2 feature ServerPush. What happens when a request is made to the URI /duke over an insecure [...]


100 Days Of Java EE 8 online training tutorials

JAX-RS: RESTful Web Services

Servlet 4.0 and HTTP/2

  • Introduction The next version of Java EE will be version 8 and when it is eventually released we will see some very interesting improvements in existing APIs. One of those improvements will be the adoption of HTTP/2 to Servlet technologies. I often post about Servlet 4.0 on Twitter. Follow @readlearncode Appropriate Abstraction The Servlet API is [...]