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  • JAX-RS course

    JAX-RS Course Promotion

    All this week I am over at the CodeRanch answering questions about JAX-RS. Come and join me in the Web Services forum where I will be having fun discussions with other [...]
  • websocket

    Websocket Protocol: Typical Usage

    The websocket protocol is used to enhance the experience of websites users by making content dynamic. But above and beyond that great advance many other usages have been [...]
  • pre-websockets

    Pre-websocket Workarounds

    In this article, I am going to examine a few of the established techniques that became popular for delivering dynamic content in the pre-websocket environment. Cross [...]


100 Days Of Java EE 8 online training tutorials

JAX-RS: RESTful Web Services

Servlet 4.0 and HTTP/2

  • Introduction The next version of Java EE will be version 8 and when it is eventually released we will see some very interesting improvements in existing APIs. One of those improvements will be the adoption of HTTP/2 to Servlet technologies. I often post about Servlet 4.0 on Twitter. Follow @readlearncode Appropriate Abstraction The Servlet API is [...]