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#100DaysOfJavaEE8: Weekly Round Up

Java EE 8 Coding Challenge

This week has been a successful week for the #100DaysOfJavaEE8 coding challenge. Let’s review the challenges for this week.

Servlet 4.0 API

The solution

JSON Processing 1.1 API

The solution


The solution

Bean Validation 2.0 API

The solution

JavaServer Faces 2.3 API

New in Java EE 8

New APIs: JSON Binding API and Java EE Security API
Major: Servlet 4.0, Bean Validation 2.0, CDI 2.0
Minor: JAX-RS 2.1, JSF 2.3, JSON-P 1.1

To find out more read my article What’s new in Java EE 8 over at IBM developerWorks.

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