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2 Comments on Pro Java EE Design Patterns: Great Addition to Java EE Practitioner’s Bookshelf

  1. Sadly, the site referred does not allow comments, or they dont work, so i’ll try here. Of the patterns given as expamples some are good, others are arguable more bad then help (like DTOs). And, it is worthwhile to ask, whether only JEE7 or also Java8-Themes like applying functional programming style (with Lambdas) in Java is also covered. A book on all that is useful anyway, don’t get me wrong, as JEE is a bit on defense for quite a while already, but for false reasons. They would also be interesting to discuss. Regards, Blue

    • Thank you for your comment. Some patterns have more merit that others, that is true, and we discuss this and other important issues in each chapter. We cover the full range of Java EE specific implementation of common design patterns, however we decided not to mention Java 8 Lambada as we wanted to keep the focus of the book strictly on Enterprise Edition features. If you are interest in Lambadas I recommend ‘Java 8 Lambdas’ by Richard Warburton.

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