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MuleSoft Salary Survey 2020/21

According to the recent Mason Franks Salary Survey MuleSoft Developers can earn £75,000 (£800 p/d). These salaries compare very favourably to those for Java developers who typically expect a salary of £59,000 Glassdoor and £62,000 CW Jobs.

MuleSoft Developer is just one of the key MuleSoft-specific roles experiencing high-demand in the UK labour market, presenting Java professionals with particularly unique opportunities to leverage their software and Java development expertise.

The Mule Runtime, which underpins Mule, is based on Java technologies and fully embraces the Java ecosystem. Therefore, Java professionals already skilled in this area find that the uplift to Mule Developer is a relatively small jump that brings a leap to salary and career prospects.

If you are interested in learning more about upskilling up to MuleSoft Developer with free developer training provided by MuleSoft please follow this signup link and click register.

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