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Java is #1: But we knew that already

It’s always nice to have your commitment to Java confirmed and this month it was TIOBE who showed that Java is still the number one most used programming languages, however, it’s share shrunk, by 4.19%, as did the second-place contender C, which shrunk by 6.69%.

What does this mean? Are we seeing a shift in the languages developers choose, away from stalwarts like Java and C to newer languages? Could the polyglot nature of microservices, which makes using a plethora of different languages possible, be responsible? The report does not say and it’s up to us to decide. It suffices to say that Java is number one (for now) and our jobs are safe (for now).

Interestingly, the survey showed that Google’s GO (have a go at GoLang) is climbing up the charts, at 2.16%, in the year 2016.

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