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DZone RefCardz on Java EE

I have collected together the best Dzone RefCardz related to Java EE technologies. Please read and enjoy.

Java Enterprise Edition 7 Andrew RubingerArun Gupta and Lincoln Baxter

This Refcard covers the key APIs of Java EE 7 that are the most relevant to modern development such as WebSocket, JSON Processing, Concurrency Utilities, and JAX-RS.

CDI for the Java EE Platform Antoine Sabot-durand and Norman Richards

In this Refcard, you will learn about the main features of CDI 1.2 in Java EE 7, how to get the most from CDI, and how to get your CDI code up and running.

Getting Started with JPA Mike Keith

In this Refcard you will get started with the Java Persistence API, cover the basics of JPA and prepare yourself to write JPA applications.

What’s New in JPA 2.0 Mike Keith

In this Refcard you will learn what’s new in JDBC Properties, Access Mode, Mappings, Shared Cache, the TypedQuery interface, JPQL, Pessimistic Locking, the Criteria API and Validation.

JavaServer Faces Cay Horstmann

In this Refcard you will discover the JSF development process, standard JSF tags, the JSF expression language, and the faces-config.xml configuration file.

JavaServer Faces 2.0 Cay Horstmann

This Refcard provides summaries of the tags and attributes needed for JSF programming, a summary of the JSF expression language, and a list of code snippets for common operations.

Essential JSP Expression Language Bear Bibeault

This Refcard gives you the essentials of the JSP Expression Language, a scripting language that can be used to evaluate dynamic expressions within a JSP page.

Java EE Security Essentials Arjan Tijms and Masoud Kalali

Introduces some common terms and concepts related to Java EE 7 security then explore authentication authorization, web module security, EJB module security, and application client security with in-depth examples.

Core Jetty Jos Dirksen

In this Refcard you will discover that Jetty is a lightweight, open-source web server and servlet container. The Refcard includes architecture, configuration, basic, and advanced usage, with many code examples.

Getting Started With JBoss EAP 7 James Perkins

This Refcard walks you through installing JBoss EAP 7, gives an overview of the standalone vs. domain directory structure, provides administration and application deployment tutorials, and explains how JBoss EAP uses modular-based class loading.

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