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Java EE: Top articles this week

Here is a collection of some of the best Java EE related articles published in the last seven days.

DZone RefCardz: Java Enterprise Edition 7Top Pick [Tweet this!]

Andrew Lee Rubinger, Arun Gupta, and Lincoln Baxter III have published an excellent cheat sheet of the key Java EE 7 technologies including: Java EE 7 Platform spec (JSR-342), Websockets 1.0 (JSR-356), Batch Applications (JSR-352), JSON Processing 1.0 (JSR-353), Concurrency Utilities 1.0 (JSR-236), JAX-RS Restful webservices (JSR-339), JMS 2.0 (JSR-343), CDI 1.1 (JSR-346), Bean Validation 1.0 (JSR-349), Servlet 3.1 (JSR-340), JPS 2.1 (JSR-338), JSF 2.2 (JSR-344) and Transaction API 1.2 (JSR-344).

Java EE—the Most Lightweight Enterprise Framework? [Tweet this!]

Sebastian Daschner debunks the myth that Java EE is heavy weight and proves it. Tweet this and let the world know that Java EE is the most light-weight Enterprise Framework.

Java EE and Docker Tips [Tweet this!]

Yolande Poirier presents a list of Docker Tips compiled by Java Engineer and Architect Manfred Riem.

Adam Bien’s 2017 predictions [Tweet this!]

Adam Bien makes predictions for Java in 2017. Among the predictions: more FUD on Java, microservices failures, more insourcing and less outsourcing and good news for Java EE.

Java EE users need more REST, survey shows [Tweet this!]

Joe McKendrick reports on the Oracles community survey. The upshot is that the survey shows that the community wants the framework to embrace microservices, with JAX-RS and Servlet 4.0 being voted the two most important technologies.

Use Servlet Authentication from a JAAS LoginModule [Tweet this!]

Romain Manni-Bucau writes a detailed tutorial on using Servlet authentication from a JAAS LoginModule.

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