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Stop Coding and Start Innovating

How often have you written Java connectivity logic like this? 

If you are like me, then more times than you can count. I used to spend hours writing, debugging and optimising such connectivity code. Even though frameworks like Spring provide abstractions, the repetitive nature of such work was unavoidable. I now work exclusively with Java technology that minimises the effort required to write connectivity logic.

Discover a new way of working with Java that emphasizes innovation over coding.

In this short video I will introduce you to connectors, a technology used as part of the MuleSoft rapid development approach that simplifies the development of connectivity code and promotes its reuse throughout your developer teams allowing you (and your team) to focus on innovation.

In just under 15 mins I will code a connector that encapsulates the connectivity logic for the Amazon Polly service and use it in a simple example API.

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