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Rebuild a Maven repository in 3 steps

Purge Maven Repository

In this blog post, I will show a way to very quickly rebuild a Maven repository without having to set up a project.

Step 1: Delete all artifacts

Cleanse your Maven repository by deleting the contents of the /.m2/repository directory. Ensure to delete the settings.xml file if so required.

Step 2: Create a dummy POM file

Create the simplest POM file that defines only groupId, artifactId, and version. This is just a basic dummy POM file that you will delete later. Maven needs it to run the purging local repository dependencies command.



Step 3: Repopulate the local Maven repository

Run the purge repository Maven command:

mvn dependency:purge-local-repository

The objective of this Maven goal is to remove artifacts from your local maven repository. It will delete and re-resolve artifacts.

Finally, delete the POM file. Now you have a nice clean Maven repo with freshly repopulate artifacts.

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