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Add the Eclipse Marketplace Client to Anypoint Studio

Main points:

  • Eclipse Marketplace Client allows Anypoint Studio to be extended
  • Anypoint Studio does not come with Eclipse Marketplace Client installed
  • To install it add the Oxygen update site to the available software sites

Why add the Marketplace client to Studio?

The Eclipse Marketplace Client is a client for installing solutions listed on the Eclipse Marketplace directly from an Eclipse-based IDE such as Anypoint Studio.

Such solutions include the Darkest Dark Theme with DevStyle extension that colours your Studio with a selection of palates such as the Dark theme and the EGit, which adds integration for Git and TM Terminal which opens a terminal window directly in Studio.

Add the Marketplace Client to Anypoint Studio


  1. Add the update site URL for the Oxygen version of Eclipse
  2. Install the Eclipse Marketplace Client from the Oxygen update site

Add the Oxygen update URL

Open the Help menu option and selection Install new software and click Add and enter the name Oxygen and its URL in the Location as shown in figure 1.

Oxygen site URL:
Figure 1: Add the URL for the Oxygen update site

Install the Eclipse Marketplace Client

Once the site has been added, search for Eclipse Marketplace, select it and follow the instructions to install it, as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2: Install the Marketplace Client

Once it is installed and Studio has restarted you will find the Marketplace Client in the Help menu, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3: Find the Marketplace in the Help menu

How to use the Eclipse Marketplace Client

There are two ways to add a solution from the Marketplace Client.

  1. Open the marketplace client from with Studio and search for an extension

2. visit the marketplace website, search for a solution and drag the install icon to an open instance of Anypoint Studio.

Important note

These instruction have been tested with Anypoint Studio version 7.7.0 and no adverse consequences have been observed, however there is no support provided by MuleSoft for the installation of the Marketplace or any of the solutions provide with in the Eclipse marketplace.

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