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Java EE: Top articles this week

Top Java EE Posts

Here is a collection of some of the best Java EE related articles published in the last seven days.
The Importance of Java EE, JCP, Java EE Guardians, and Microservices  [Tweet this!]

Reza Rahman talks eloquently about the Guardians, the role of and why Java EE is important. He continues the interview by discussing the JCP and how Java EE 8 is progress. This week’s must read.

Java EE successful adoption story at Eko Electricity [Tweet this!]

Discover how Java EE has been adopted by Eko Electricity and gain some insight into what motivated their choose to use Java EE. A quest for a lightweight and reactive Enterprise Java Platform [Tweet this!]

Ondrej Mihalyi talks about the initiative and how its future direction can be formed with your contribution. He also examines what’s going on in the world of enterprise Java, touching on the advancement of Java EE 8 and features provided by some open-source projects.

Also, some noteworthy news:


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