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This area of my blog is reserved for discussions and comment regard the book Professional Java EE Design Patterns.

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Please use the comments section below to ask questions regarding any issue related to the book. Thanks.

Below is a summary of each chapter:

Chapter 1: A Brief Overview of Design Patterns

Chapter 2: The Basics of Java EE

Chapter 3: Façade Pattern

Chapter 4: Singleton Pattern

Chapter 5: Dependency Injection and CDI

Chapter 6: Factory Pattern

Chapter 7: Decorator Pattern

Chapter 8: Aspect Orientated Programming (Interceptors)

Chapter 9: Asynchronous

Chapter 10: Time Service

Chapter 11: Observer Pattern

Chapter 12: Data Access Pattern

Chapter 13: RESTfull Web Service

Chapter 14: Model View Controller Pattern

Chapter 15: Other Patterns in Java EE

Chapter 16: Design Patterns: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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