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Firefox OS

In April I attended a workshop and hackathon held by Telefonica and Mozilla. There are jointly promoting the Firefox OS for the mobile produced by The hackathon was a contest to develop a mobile app in HTML5 for the Firefox OS and the prize was a Geeksphone mobile phone. There were 22 apps and we were required to present that app to the other contestants and the judges.

The app that I submitted reminded people of when to take their prescription medicine. I called it Doctor Pill. I was fortunate enough to win the a Geeksphone Peak.

Firefox OS HTML 5 mobile app

There is a video of my presentation here: Firefox OS HTML 5 mobile app.

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  1. Juan Fernandez-Corugedo // November 22, 2013 at 09:29 // Reply


    Currently I’m developing some apps with HTML5 and Firefox OS emulator, and it’s very funny.

    What about the phone? Do you recommend this kind of terminals?

    • At the moment the only phone commercially available is the ZTE from Telefonica. I think that its only available in Spain and costs less than 50€ but also geeks phone sells developer preview models designed for the developer: I my experience it is essential to test any app that you develop on a real phone rather than just the simulator. Even though the similar is quite good at simulating a real phone it still lacks somethings. Good luck with your development.

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