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Submitting to the Firefox Market

Enthused after my success at the Firefox OS hackathon I set to developing a very simple calculator app in order to test run the publish process of the FireFox market. Surprisingly there are (were) very few quality calculator apps in the Firefox market. After a few hours of development and many hours of testing using the simulator and the Geeksphone Peak, that I won in the hackathon, I finished the app sufficiently to be deployed on the market. I constructed a manifest file and deployed the app in a WAR file to Amazon Web Services (How to deploy a manifest file ‘a la’ Firefox market).

To submit and app to the Firefox marketplace you need a FireFox persona account. Its free to publish an app on the marketplace and is only a matter of providing a link to your manifest file and completing a submission form and uploading screen shots of your app.

Once I had submitted my app I waiting for a response. And I waited. And I waited some more. After about three weeks I received a response from one of the marketplace reviewers. There was a problem with the manifest file that was not detected by the manifest verification tool. So I made the corrections and redeployed the WAR to Amazon Web Services and resubmitted the app. I got a quick response, within a few days from a different review complaining that there were further problems with th manifest file that the first review had not picked up upon. So again I corrected and deployed the app and resubmitted.

After a few more days that app was accepted and published in the marketplace.

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