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Break, Continue and Labels

Break and Continue

  • break and continue are designed to stop either the entire loop (break) or just the current iteration (continue).


  • must be inside the loop
  • causes the current iteration of the inner most loop to cease and the next to start


  •  a break without a label breaks the current loop. No more iterations.

Labelled Statements

  • normally used with loops, but not always
  • often used with break and continue
  • the label is placed just before the statement it labels and ends with a colon. e.g. LABEL:.

break label;

  • can ONLY be used to label a loop or a block. If used to label a statement the code will not compile.
  • the flow will exit out of the loop labeled by the label in the break statement.
  • if this happens within a try…catch then the control will go to the finally statement.

continue label;

  • the flow will continue with the next iteration of the loop labelled in the continue statement.

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