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Java EE 8: Only What’s New [Book]

Today I launch my new Java EE book: Java EE 8: Only What’s New. It has taken about 5 months to write but finally its here.  It’s my first attempt at self-publishing, so I had no publisher to poke me to meet deadlines, no editor to correct my English (thanks, Grammarly), and no technical editor to check that I had actually understood the specification correctly (luckily code is self-checking).

I hope to distribute it on as many channels as possible, but for now, its live on and available for pre-order on Amazon (available 28th February) and is available in all good digital formats.

What’s the Book About?

The book covers all the new features of Java EE 8 with plenty of code examples to get you going. I have tried to provide at least one code example of each new feature and often I have included more if it was necessary to explain the idea. There is a dedicated GitHub repository that contains all the code examples from the book: Java-EE-8-Only-Whats-New.

What’s the Book Philosophy?

Quite simply it’s about giving the reader just the information s/he wants and no more. This is why the book only covers what’s new in Java EE 8. If you are an experienced Java EE developer then this book is for you. You won’t spend time reading about Java EE features that you already know, just the one you don’t. It’s designed to save you time. All the new information about Java EE is in one place.

What does the Book Contain?

The book covers all new Java EE 8 features in these APIs:

The Two New APIs:

  • Java API for JSON Binding 1.1 (JSR 367)
  • Java EE Security API 1.1 (JSR 375)

The Three Major Updated APIs:

  • Servlet 4.0 (JSR 369)
  • Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380)
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java 2.0 (JSR 365)

The Four Minor Updated APIs:

  • Java API for RESTful Web Services 2.1 (JSR 370)
  • JavaServer Faces 2.3 (JSR 372)
  • Java API for JSON Processing 1.1 (JSR 374)
  • Java Persistence API 2.2 (JSR 338)

Bonus Chapter

I decided to included a chapter about the new HTTP/2 protocol because I think this is important and is related to the servlet API. The chapter covers the topology of a connection, request/response multiplexingheader compressionstream prioritizationserver push, and flow control and a little bit more.

Where Can I get the Book?

Java EE 8: Only Whats New

I am currently distributing the book via the following channels:
Amazon (available 28th February)

I will only make it available in digital format until I start getting requests for print copies. Although I think that most developers prefer the convenience of digital. I know I do.


Feedback and Comments

If you have comments, feedback or find any errors in the book, please contact me and let me know. I can get them fixed and upload a revised copy of the book.




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