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WebSocket Programming with Java EE

WebSocket programming is a new paradigm in web development that takes the interactive web experience to a new level of richness. The WebSocket API in Java EE offers a powerful lifecycle model and annotation-driven configuration and is an ideal solution for the development of interactive and dynamic websites. In this course, learn how to implement WebSocket functionality end to end in a client and server application.

Join Alex Theedom as he guides you through the lifecycle of a WebSocket connection, and discusses the Java EE WebSocket programming methodologies: annotation and programmatic. He shows how to secure and encrypt WebSocket endpoints and uses simple techniques to test their implementation. In addition, he explains how to integrate the JSON-processing API and build a front-end and server based WebSocket client.

Learning objectives

  • WebSocket usage
  • WebSocket lifecycle and topology
  • WebSocket front end and back end
  • WebSocket methodologies
  • Annotation methodology and programmatic methodology
  • Coding a client API
  • Using the JSON Processing API
  • Coding the encoder and decoder
  • Building the front end
  • Testing WebSocket endpoints

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