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On this page I detail some of the personal projects that I have developed. Some of these projects have been completed and some are work in progress. I have included a link to the git hub repository so that you can download the project soruce code.


Cloud Integration

An integration of cloud storage devises. This web app uses the APIs of and and integrates them into one interface.

Web site (login with sugar sync account)

Git Hub Repository



Easy Calculator (Firefox OS only)

A simple and easy to use calculator with a large screen and buttons for people who have difficulty seeing/using the buttons on traditional mobile calculators. The functionality of this calculator is as follows: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage and root.

Listing in Firefox marketplace (Firefox OS only)

Git Hub Repository


MyNearest (mobile)

A mobile app that uses the geolocation API of the mobile and combines it with the Google Map API to show you the location of the nearest bar, cinema or restaurant.

MyNearest Website

Git Hub Repository


Java 7

Remote file back up



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