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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small credit card sized computer that runs on a modified Lynix operating system. It costs less than £50 and is the initiative of some colleagues at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory. To find out more visit the about page on the Raspberry Pi about page.

Many uses for the Raspberry Pi have been found ranging from media centres to robot control. The use I have for my Raspberry Pi is a little more humble. I intend to develop an application that will manage the continuos back up of files from all the computers on the that wee have located on our home network. Our home network is simular to a cloud storage solution in the sense that all computers on our home network are backed up via the wifi to a hard drive attached to the ADSL router.

Even though there is a wide range of commercial and free software avaliable that wll do the same job I didn’t think that it was so much fun to simplt download, instal and run an application. I wanted to do aomething much more involved. So was born the idea of the Raspberry Pi in the Sky.

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