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Connect to a shared folder

Connect to a shared folder on a Windows computer connected to the same network.

  • On the Pi, create the directory to which you want the shared folder to be mounted
  • Edit the /etc/fstab file and add the following line
    • //IP_of_your_machine/shared_folder /home/pi/myNAS/mount_to_dir  cifs username=****,password=****,workgroup=WORKGROUP,users,auto,user_xattr 0 0
  • The IP address is the IP of your machine. This can be found by doing IPCONFIG from your computers command line interface
  • The shared_folder is the name of the folder that has been shared.
  • You will need to include the username and password which will be the user account name and password of the windows machine.
  • Mount the drive by typing: mount –a
  • Now the drive is mounted and you can navigate the files stored on your Windows machine

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