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Cloud Integration


Before embarking on this project I researched the cloud storage market from the perceptive of a developer rather than a user.

Research findings

Technology Requirements

From the offset this project was always going to be a Java EE project but this says little about the technologies that I should use, Java EE is such an all encompassing title.

I review here the technology that I used and below is a list:

    • Java 7 and related APIs
    • Cloud storage APIs
    • Hiberante
    • JSP with EL and some custom tag libs
    • HTML 5 and jQuery
    • Tomcat 7 on Amazon Web Services
    • mySQL


As this project is small it was not necessary to implement a complete agile life-cycle so I cherry picked the features that were most pertinent:

  • Design Patterns
    • MVC
    • Front Controller
    • Strategy Pattern
    • Factory
    • Façade
  • Behavioural-driven design
    • SMART user-stories
  • Unit tests

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